Internal Threat Management

Protecting Your Organization From the Inside Out

Employees represent one of your organization’s greatest assets, but financial loss and reputation damage from negative employee activity represents an even greater threat. The challenge is to identify employee collusion, fraud, and non-compliant behaviors and then build appropriate investigation cases against employees while ensuring effective asset and data protection for your organization and your customers.

Valyrian’s internal security threat and analytics solutions detect fraudulent employee activity across the enterprise, business lines, and channels, providing protection from monetary losses, risk, and brand damage.

Detect fraudulent employee activity & violation of corporate policy:

7/24/365 Active Internal Threat Monitoring
Advanced profile and behavioral-based analytics
Highly effective data correlation and relationship discovery
Monitoring of Sensitive Intellectual Property Data
Comprehensive investigation management tools
On-Demand Executive Reports
Managed Services designed to integrate within your current IT or Management staff

Securing Intellectual Property

Behavioral monitoring for your network & systems is essential for spotting unknown threats. It’s also useful in investigating suspicious behavior and policy violations. It is not uncommon today to find that individuals involved in compromising a company’s intellectual property (IP) are a combination of current or former employees, competitors, trusted customers, distributors, or vendors. For this reason, the security equation must encompass issues of management structure, process security, and cyber security.

Protecting your intellectual property requires the creation of an IP protection system — a set of readily understood, integrated, adaptable activities that produce ongoing, consistent results.

Network Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral data analytics is essential in investigating suspicious behavior and policy violations

When it comes to identifying threats in your environment, the best approach is a multi-layered one. Intrusion detection systems (network and host IDS) identify known threats, and network behavior analysis can help you identify anomalies and other patterns that signal new, and unknown threats.

Service & Infrastructure Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of services run by particular systems. On a periodic basis, or on demand, the device is probed to confirm that the service is still running and available. This lightweight, continuous monitoring will detect unexpected service outages throughout your critical infrastructure.